[The Wife Showmax Season 3] Past Seasons & Character Details

The Wife Showmax season 3” is a captivating telenovela exclusively available on Showmax. It offers a compelling glimpse into the lives of the mighty Zulu crime family, featuring eight brothers, told from the unique perspectives of the women they marry. Stream all episodes now!

The Wife Showmax Season 1

Season 1 draws inspiration from Dudu Busani-Dube’s bestseller, “Hlomu the Wife,” featuring the rising talent Mbalenhle Mavimbela (known for Skeem Saam and Isipho) in the role of “Hlomu the Wife,” a journalist entangled in an unexpected love affair with a taxi driver, unaware that with a man comes his hidden secrets. The character of her love interest, Mqhele is brought to life by Bonko Khoza, who made a splash by acting as Jabz in the acclaimed film “Necktie Youth” and has since graced projects like “Professionals” and the Emmy-nominated “Roots.

The Wife Showmax Season 2

Season 2 takes its inspiration from the sequel novel, “Zandile the Resolute.” Khanyi Mbau, known for her role in “Happiness is a Four-Letter Word,” brilliantly portrays Zandile, the formidable matriarch of the Zulu family. Mondli Makhoba’s role as Nkosana, the eldest Zulu brother from “The Wife.” The season begins with Naledi, portrayed by Gaisang K Noge, the love interest of Qhawe, having been abducted, while the Zulu brothers’ criminal activities become headline news. Wiseman Mncube steps into the role of Mqhele, succeeding Bonko Khoza and his intricate love story with Hlomu continues to be a complex journey.

The Wife Showmax Season 3

The Wife Showmax Season 3 has shattered Showmax’s previous four-day viewing record, previously held by the multi-award-winning Showmax Original telenovela’s second season. Early reviews for the third and final season are overflowing with praise. Bubblegum Club declares, “The Wife sets a new standard for television production… flawless beyond measure.” Glamour states, “We are thrilled that our beloved show is back.” This season introduces several fresh faces, with SAFTA winner Wiseman Mncube stepping into the iconic ‘National Husband’ role, previously held by Bonko Khoza, who won the 2022 Best Actor SAFTA. Daily Sun reports, “Mzansi has fully embraced the new Mqhele. He faced enormous expectations and is winning hearts every minute.

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Actors (Cast)

“The Wife Showmax Season 3” boasts an exceptionally talented cast, featuring Bonko Khoza in the role of Mqhele Zulu, Mbalenhle Mavimbela as Hlomu, Kwenzo Ngcobo as Qhawe, Sipho Ndlovu as Sambulo, Abdul Khoza as Nqoba, Mondli Makhoba as Nkosana, Thulane Nkululeko Shange as Mqoqi, Ishmael Songo as Mpande, and Swelihle Luthuli as Ntsika.


Journey of Mqhele The Wife Showmax Season 1 to The Wife Showmax Season 3 appears to be a loving family man, but beneath the surface, his inner demons wrestle for control. He relentlessly pursues his desires until they become his reality. Bonko Khoza masterfully portrays the character of Mqhele.


Hlomu is a spirited, young investigative journalist who chooses between pursuing the objective truth or concealing it for the sake of love. Mbalenhle Mavimbela brings this complex character to life with her performance.


As the eldest of the Zulu brothers, Nkosana assumed leadership of the family following the tragic murder of their parents. He is a man of few words, known for his thoughtful and deliberate actions. Mondli Makhoba portrays the character of Nkosana with skill and depth.


He is the kind of man who believes in “hit first and explain later,” and sometimes, he does not bother with the explanation at all. Abdul Khoza brings the character of Nqoba to life with his portrayal.


The most endearing of the brothers also serves as the family’s strategist. Although he fell in love with Hlomu at first sight, there was one instance where he forgot to set his usual plan into motion. Kwenzo Ngcobo brilliantly portrays the character of Qhawe.


This brother has depths beyond what is on the surface. He is a laidback, humorous, and enigmatic hitman. While he does not seek control, he serves as his brothers’ guardian and the discreet adhesive that keeps them united. Sipho Ndlovu skillfully embodies the character of Sambulo.

Produced by Stained Glass, the debut of Season 1 of “The Wife” in November 2021 received widespread acclaim, making it Showmax’s most-watched launch ever. The series consistently dominated Twitter trends every Thursday for an impressive 13 weeks during its run. Now, you can stream all episodes from Seasons 1 to 3

Is The Wife Showmax Season 3 available

Yes, the Wife Showmax Season 3 is available on Showmax now, so visit the Showmax official page to enjoy the Showmax content.

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