Showmax vs Netflix South Africa: Plans, Price & Comparison

Feature Netflix Showmax
Content Library Vast Curated
Focus Global Global & African
African Content Growing Strong
Live Sports No Yes (Showmax Pro)
Price More Expensive More Affordable
User Interface Excellent Good
Personalized Recommendations Yes No
Offline Viewing No (Standard Plan) Yes

Quantity vs. Quality Comparison

Feature Netflix Showmax
Content Library Vast & Diverse Curated & High-Quality
Description What puts Netflix in a league of its own is the extensive and diverse collection of streaming content that includes movies, TV shows, and even series from across the world. But to find a specific title seems like a herculean task; though, there can be many loose shootings that do not meet standards even on a random search. Netflix offers millions of options while Showmax has fewer but each show or movie is handpicked. They also focus on popular award-winning shows and movies and always make sure to include African programs.

Price Point: Affordability for All

In terms of pricing, the comparison of is cheaper than Netflix, which can be especially attractive for viewers who want to save on their subscriptions. They also have a Mobile plan that is designed for viewing from mobile phones and this makes it easy to access. Netflix, however, has different plans for using the service with a choice of 1, 2, 3, 4, or up to 5 screens.


  • It is generally considered cheaper, especially for developing countries like South Africa.
  • It has a cheaper version that targets only mobile users, unlike Netflix’s mobile plan which may be more expensive depending on location.
  • While well-suited for streaming on a single device at standard definition, it may not be the cheapest solution on the market if you plan on streaming on multiple screens or in high definition.


  • It is related to Showmax and may be a bit expensive, specifically for the basic pack.
  • Provides more subscription options than its main competitor, allowing you to select the price range and accepted devices most suitable for you.
  • However, the cheapest Netflix plan would have a set limit on either streaming resolution or concurrent streams.

Here’s a table summarizing the key points (assuming you’re looking at standard plans, not mobile-only):

Feature Showmax Netflix
Price (general) More affordable Slightly more expensive
Multiple devices It might require a higher-priced plan It can be affordable with a plan selection
Streaming quality Lower on mobile plans It may require a higher-priced plan for HD or UHD

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Interface Comparison Showmax Vs Netflix

To an extent, the two same-player competitors are easy to use thanks to easily understandable interfaces that list their content:

Layout and Navigation:

  • Similarities: The two applications have an organized interface that contains options for discovering new content with recent popular videos, and categories (e.g. It offers a larger selection of subcategories (comedy, drama, holidays) or search functions.
  • Showmax: It may have a less complex structure and appear more simple if expanded on the smartphone’s screen.
  • Netflix: In the subcategories, provides additional sorting features to utilize to refine the search result.


  • Similarities: The two services can be compared with the basic features such as having user-profiles and recommending new content by the user’s viewing pattern.
  • Netflix: The major point is that people believe that it has got a better recommendation algorithm as compared to Netflix, recommending content that may be of interest to you.
  • Showmax: Recommendations might be wider but they can be more personalized to an extent for viewing interest depending on what the viewer has watched previously.

Additional Features:

  • Similarities: Both have the option for multiple user avatars, restricted access, as well as download options so there is no need for internet streaming.
  • Netflix: Includes a suggested “Continue Watching” section placed at the top, which makes it easy to resume different shows at convenient points.


  • Showmax Vs Netflix offers easy-to-use interfaces when it comes to searching for content.
  • Netflix is somewhat more effective in terms of personalization and search features.
  • If that is the case, Showmax would be easier to use especially due to having a more simplistic interface.

Final Thought

However, this article only outlined the differences between the two, one does not mean you cannot use both services. Some viewers will agree with the former choice because Netflix has a vast library and go to the Showmax/link and watch African content and live sporting events. Finally, you will decide to make, and hopefully, this guidance offers some assistance in helping you make that decision. Therefore, pick some popcorn and sit back to take on this expansive realm in streaming services entertainment!

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